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The service life and environment of metal mesh belts

The service life and environment of metal mesh belts

The service life of ordinary mesh belts is very short compared to stainless steel mesh belts because our use environment is very complex, such as high temperature, corrosion and other environments. As we all know, the characteristics of stainless steel mesh belts are high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and high strength.

When mesh belts are used at ultra-high temperatures exceeding 400°C, during normal operation, the heat of the conveyed material causes the temperature to rise, and the strength of the conveyor mesh belt gradually decreases as the temperature rises. The use limitations of stainless steel mesh belts will depend on the temperature generated by the rotational friction between the material and the mesh belt and the temperature of the material. Generally speaking, stainless steel mesh belts are resistant to high temperatures, so their service life will not be affected at 400°C. The following issues need to be considered when using stainless steel mesh belts at high temperatures:

1) The heat generated by friction during operation of the mesh belt;
2) Due to different manufacturing processes, the thermal expansion coefficients of stainless steel mesh belts are different. When different materials are welded together, there is the possibility of thermal fatigue;
3) When the ambient temperature exceeds 400°C, the intermittent decrease caused by the expansion between parts should also be fully considered;
4) Ordinary mesh belts are thermally brittle when working at high temperatures, as are stainless steel mesh belts;
5) The brittleness of carbon precipitation;
6) The impact of temperature changes on the use of stainless steel mesh belts (cooling and expansion);
7) The impact of high temperature environment on lubrication. Silicon, graphite and molybdenum disulfide lubricants all have good heat resistance.
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