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Chain Driven Wire Mesh Belts

Chain Driven Wire Mesh Belts

Chain driven wire mesh conveyor belt is a mesh belt, conveyor is mainly used for heavy transmissions. For example, transferring products through tempering or cooling ovens or when hot products are handled and conveyed. The chain belts are usually made from either steel or stainless steel with varying degrees of weave and pitch position.


Chain driven mesh belt
The chain driven conveyor belts is composed of wire mesh, cross rods and chains.
This mesh belt edge is driven by chain to ensure transmissive stability and to increase the durability of the belts,which can be used in the -55℃ to 1150℃ temperature range.It is mainly applied to the ovens, quenching furnaces, cleaning machines, frying machines, quick-freezing machines and other dynamic temperature equipment. It can be used for heat treatment, metal processing, food processing, leisure food production and ceramics production etc.

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Chain conveyor mesh belt is now the main form of transport, mainly composed of two side chain, with all the specifications. In the middle with connecting rod, strengthen the load ability of the conveyor belt as a whole. According to the requirements of the different transport, with various forms of spiral metal conveyor belt, middle link chain hook, connecting plate chain plate and achieve very good carrier and transmission effect.

Chain mesh belt materials:
SS304,316,314 or other alloy

The commonly used chain models:
06B 08B 10A 12A 16A 20A 24A C2040 C2042 C2050 C2052 C2060 C2062 C2080 C2082, and some non-standard chains with P=50mm P=100mm

The Chain driven wire mesh conveyor belt can effectively prevent the conveyor belt from running off, according to the configuration of the chain can be very good control of tension and transport speed, in food and pharmaceutical machinery and other machinery products requiring precision transport has been well used.

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