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Spiral Grid Conveyor Belts

Spiral Grid Conveyor Belts

Spiral Grid Belt also named Flexible Rod Conveyor Belt, it is an innovative wire mesh conveyor belt, specially designed for multi-tier spiral conveyors commonly used in the food industry. As a leading wire belt manufacturer, our wire belt factory has developed this high-quality belt to meet the diverse needs of various industries. This unique spiral conveyor belt is engineered with precision using premium stainless steel wires, ensuring excellent durability and resistance to corrosion. The interlocking mesh pattern creates a strong and stable surface, making it an ideal choice for conveying various products. Spiral Wire Belts usually used for frozen food industrial, the surface is smooth for quick and easy cleaning, also can bear heavy pressure and tension, good performance can reach 180 and 360 degree turn.


Spiral Grid Belts are constructed from cross rods with foldable links on each side. To improve product support, the rods can be covered with spiral mesh. Spiral conveyor belts can also be equipped with a link in the center of the belt width to reduce its turning radius , as well as side guards to prevent product spillage. Additionally, it has many other features:

Straight running and curve to 180 and 360 degrees.

•  Available edge including welded, laddered, hook and chain edge.

•  Finish is smooth and burr-free for quick and easy cleaning, maximizing production.

•  High temperature resistance as the stainless steel material can maintain the perfect performance even in the extremely high or low temperature applications.

•  Corrosion and rust resistance as the stainless steel material and galvanized steel have excellent chemical stability.

•  Durable and long service life as the high quality material and rigid structure.

•  Easy to install and replace as the flexible rod conveyor belt is lightweight.

A curved flexible rod on the red background with U-shaped links on the both side and center of the belts.
A flexible rod conveyor belt with side guards on the blue background.
U-shaped links can be added on the center of the belts to decrease turning radii
Side guards are added onto the conveyor belts to prevent products from spillage


Flexible Rod Belts are manufactured in compliance with the latest food safety requirements for food processing equipment. Whether used on spiral or straight conveyors, the Flexible Rod Belt is particularly suitable for cooking, cooling or freezing products such as bread, pastry, vegetables, potatoes, fish and meat. It also can be used for heat treatment, metal processing, food processing, leisure food production and ceramics production etc. Curved Conveyor Belts are suitable for a wide range of active food contact applications such as:

① Cooking

② Baking

③ Coating

④ Frying

⑤ Heating

⑥ Drying

⑦ Cooling

⑧ Freezing

⑨ Filtering

⑩ Washing

⑪ Dewatering

⑫ Pasteurizing

⑬ Packing

⑭ Transport

⑮ Drainage

⑯ Elevating

⑰ De-Elevating

The Spiral Tower Grid Belt is a versatile conveyor belt. This belt has been developed for a variety of applications, constructions and process conditions. Belts are used in concentric systems, spiral towers, curved and straight conveyors:

● Spiral Freezer Belt

● Spiral Cooler Belt

 ● Spiral Proofer Belt

 ● Spiral Dryer Belt

 ● Spiral Cooker Belt

 ● Spiral Heating Belt

 ● Turn Curve Transfer Belt

 ● Transfer and Packaging Belts

Solutions for the most complex situations. With a range of combinations of pitch, wire diameter, mesh length and side finishes, Multi-tier Spiral Conveyor Belts can be integrated in practically any production process. Applicable mechanical equipment:

① Spiral tower

② Spiral freezer

③ Tunnel ovens

④ Quenching furnaces

⑤ Cleaning machines

⑥ Frying machines

⑦ Quick-freezing machines

⑧ Package machinery

⑨ Cooking & Searing machinery

⑩ Washing machinery


Standard Radius Metal
Belt with a link at both sides

    Flexible Rod Conveyor Belts

      A: Spiral Coil Pitch --------------
      B: Coil Wire Diameter
      C: Cross Rod Pitch
      D: Cross Rod Diameter
      E: Edge Links Width  E1 E2
      F: Edge Links Thickness  F1 F2
      G: Edge Links height

Specification of flexible rod conveyor belt

Item No.

Edge Types

Cross rod pitch

Belt width

Wire diameter

Cross rod diameter

U- shape link height

U- shape link width








Standard U-shape link








Standard U-shape link


1.7 - 2.2






Heavy duty U-shape link








Heavy duty U-shape link


1.7 - 2.2






Heavy duty with double reinforced plate


1.7 - 2.2





*Custom specification is available if you can't find the suitable size.

Radius Metal Belt with a extra link in the middle to fit a smaller turning radius

    Flexible Rod Conveyor Belts-----

      A: Spiral Coil Pitch
      B: Coil Wire Diameter
      C: Cross Rod Pitch
      D: Cross Rod Diameter
      E: Edge Links Width E1 E2
      F: Edge Links Thickness F1 F2
      G: Edge Links height

Specifications of Flexible Rod Conveyor Belt with link in the middle

Technical Specifications

Popular Value

Coil Wire Diameter

1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.5mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm

Cross Rod Diameter

4.9mm, 5.0mm, 5.9mm, 6.0mm

Edge Links Height

11.1mm, 12.7mm, 15mm

Cross Rod Pitch

19.1mm, 27.4mm

Available Widths

305-1219 mm

Turn Ratio


Method of Drive

Sprocket driven on links

NOTE: Custom specification is available if you can't find the suitable size.

Materials Available

Rod Conveyor belts are available in a wide variety of materials, include: carbon steel, SS 201, SS 304, SS 316, SS 316L


Maximum Wire Operating Temperature °C

Carbon Steel


201 Stainless Steel


304 Stainless Steel


316 Stainless Steel


316L Stainless Steel


Edge Types

Flexible Rod Wire Mesh Spiral Conveyor Belt edge has different types, which can be standard U-shaped link, heavy duty type and heavy duty U-shaped link edge with two reinforced rod. They're all solid and durable, you can choose them according to your applications and products you want to convey.

Flexible Rod Conveyor Belt
A drawing of flexible rod conveyor belt with reinforced U-shaped link edge.
A drawing of flexible rod conveyor belt with heavy duty U-shaped and two reinforced plate edge.
standard U-shaped link edge
heavy duty U-shaped link edge
heavy duty edge with two reinforced plate

Support & Help Info

Spiral Tower Grid Belt is a highly reliable and efficient solution for belt conveyor machines. As a leading stainless steel mesh belt conveyor manufacturer, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional conveyor solutions that meet the evolving needs of industries worldwide. Whether you require high durability, customization options, or seamless operations, our Flexible Rod Wire Mesh Spiral Conveyor Belts are the perfect choice. For all of your conveyor belt installation, commissioning, condition monitoring, and maintenance, Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and discover how our Spiral Wire Belt can enhance your belt conveyor system.

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