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Food grade 304 stainless steel flat flex wire mesh conveyor belt for cooling


Food grade 304 stainless steel flat flex wire mesh conveyor belt for cooling

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Ladder Wire Mesh Conveyor Belts are also know as Flat Flex Conveyor Belt,is a simple but effective style of conveyor belt. The ladder belt with S-hooks run in straight applications but can also be executed as curved belts with a fixed inside radius. Flat uniform surface for gentle product handling. High tensile rods which resist permanent distortion and reduce down-time. Easy belt assembly and disassembly due to its simple open construction. It is widely used in many kinds of machine for food,cooling,heating,cleaning, baking, due to it with a large open surface area, and easier to make your line hygienic.


1. Flat flex wire mesh conveyor belt introduction
Flat flex conveyor belts are usually gear transmission belt, with good ventilation advantages, tension evenly, fine workmanship, the flat flex belts with a flexible rotation, good stability, High temperature, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, long life and so on.
Flat flex conveyor belts are used with a single-layer structure, lighter, the use of sprocket drive. Large open area (opening 70-85%), often used in the lighter weight of the product cooling, frying, baking, drying, heating, decoration, wrapped powder and packaging equipment.

2. Flat flex wire mesh conveyor belt data sheet

Item Flat flex wire mesh belt
Material 304 stainless steel 316 stainless steel 201 stainless steel
Wire diameter


Rod picth

 4.3 - 20mm

Rod width

200 -3600mm

Note: Pitch is generally customized according to clients' requirements, which is a non-standard  conveyor belt.

3. Flat flex wire mesh conveyor belt Application
Flat flex conveyor belts are mainly used in for quick-frozen food, fried food, sugar machine, chocolate coating with a variety of bread and pastry food baking conveyor line. Flat flex conveyor belts are used in the food industry for the production of the following products: small dessert, fish products, pizza, vegetables, bread, flour, cakes, meat, candy, potatoes, biscuits, chocolate, nuts and fruit.

The stainless steel flat flex belt features a single layer structure, which contributes to its lightweight quality, and the belt is driven by roller chain sprocket.
Flat Flex Mesh Belts are ideal for light transfers and are suitable for a wide range of active food contact applications such as: Drying, Heating, Coating, Cooling, Draining, Glazing and wrapping lightweight products.

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