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Curved Belt Conveyor


Curved Belt Conveyor

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A curved conveyor, also known as a turning conveyor, is a type of conveyor system that is designed to transport materials around corners or curves in a production or distribution facility. This type of conveyor is commonly used in applications where a straight conveyor system is not feasible due to space limitations or the layout of the facility. The curved conveyor is typically equipped with a series of rollers, belts, or chains that help to guide the materials around the curve smoothly and efficiently. This type of conveyor system can be customized to fit the specific needs of a facility and can be used to transport a wide range of materials, including packages, boxes, and bulk materials. Overall, curved conveyors are a versatile and efficient solution for moving materials around corners in a variety of industries and applications.
Turned conveyor--- Turning conveyor ---Curved Conveyor
Belt Conveyors, made up by sprockets, chains, belt and dirve device, widely used in the transport for beverage bottles, canning, pharmaceutials, cosmetics, food and other industries.
Belt conveyor line,including wire mesh belt conveyors and chain plate belt conveyors,mesh belt climbing hoister,90 degree/180 degree/360 degree mesh belt turning machine,multi-layer reciprocating conveyor,etc. All of belt conveyor is made of stainless steel wire mesh belt, chain plate belt and plastic modular mesh belt. The speed of the conveyor belt can be controlled and adjusted easily. There are so many wire mesh belts can be chosen and installed according to the conveyed items.

Flat Flex Belt ConveyorMesh Belt ConveyorCustomized Conveyor

Straight Mesh Belt Conveyor

Conveyor lines type: straight transportation,turning transportation,climbing transportation.


  • Food processing industry
  • Medical transportation
  • Quick-frozen food
  • Glass products industry
  • Machinery chemical industry

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