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EyeLink Conveyor Belt for freezing


EyeLink Conveyor Belt for freezing

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Eyelink Conveyor Belt for freezing

In the field of wire mesh belt manufacturing, Eyelink stands out as a leading supplier of high-quality conveyor belts. Among their impressive product range is the Eyelink Conveyor Belt for Freezing, which offers exceptional performance and numerous advantages over other similar metal mesh belts. This article aims to provide a detailed overview of the product's specifications, usage scenarios, manufacturing process, and its differentiating factors.


Product Specifications:

The Eyelink Conveyor Belt for Freezing is specifically designed for freezing applications in various industries, including food processing, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing. Key specifications of this product include:

1. Material: The belt is constructed using high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion.

2. Belt Structure: It features interlocking eyelink modules, providing a strong and stable surface for products during freezing.

3. Belt Width: Available in a range of widths to suit different freezing equipment and conveyor systems.

4. Freezing Temperatures: Capable of withstanding extremely low temperatures typically found in freezing environments.

5. Open Area: Optimized design with suitable open areas to facilitate efficient air circulation and freezing process.

Eye Link Conveyor Belt

The eyelink conveyor belt can provide multiple drive options, including friction driven cage rollers, forward drive sprockets, and optional chain edge drivers to enhance tracking and reliability. In addition, side shields and cross flight may be required. The design of the side panel is to control the height of the product to be transported.

Usage Scenarios:

The Eyelink Conveyor Belt for Freezing finds its applications in various industries where fast and efficient freezing of products is crucial. Some common usage scenarios include:


1. Food Processing: Used in frozen food production, such as freezing meat, seafood, poultry, bakery products, and vegetables.

2. Pharmaceuticals: Ideal for pharmaceutical companies requiring rapid freezing of medications and biomedical products.

3. Manufacturing: Used in manufacturing processes that involve freezing or cryogenic treatments, such as automotive, electronics, and chemical industries.


Advantages over Similar Metal Mesh Belts:

The Eyelink Conveyor Belt for Freezing offers several advantages compared to other metal mesh belts in the market:

1. Enhanced Strength and Stability: The interlocking eyelink modules provide superior strength and stability, minimizing belt distortion and ensuring reliable product transportation during freezing.

2. Smooth Surface: The belt's flat surface prevents product sticking, optimizing freezing efficiency, and minimizing wastage.

3. Corrosion Resistance: Constructed with high-quality stainless steel, the belt exhibits superior resistance to corrosion, extending its lifespan and ensuring hygienic freezing processes.

4. Customization: Eyelink offers customization options to tailor the belt's specifications, such as width, length, open area, and pitch, to meet the unique requirements of a particular freezing application.

Types of Eyelink Conveyor Belts:

Eyelink conveyor belts - available in six types, each with specific advantages.

There are many types of eyelink conveyor belts from RISEN company, each with its own specific advantages, ranging from eyelink belts that compress to create the smallest possible opening, to eyelink belts with springs to ensure good seismic resistance and lateral force resistance.

1.Full Eyelinks

For a full eyelinks, the eye links lean against each other, with openings equal to the wire diameter. It is designed and constructed without gaskets or vertically welded under the wires. This allows for excellent processes in applications that do not require cross support. Belts are commonly used in food processing due to their flat conveying surface, open mesh structure, and ease of cleaning. This type of eye chain conveyor belt without gaskets is also easy to repair at the lowest cost.

2.Pressed Eyelinks

Some applications require the smallest possible opening. By flattening the eyes of the eyelinks, the opening between the eye links becomes smaller. This type is very suitable for small and finely structured products.

3.Welded Eyelinks

The eyelink is welded to a positioning line, forming a module. Very narrow and very wide openings can be created, depending on the processing of the product involved. The unwelded wire eliminates potential bacterial traps under isolation pads, springs, rings, and sleeves. This configuration makes cleaning and hygiene easier and more effective.

4.Pressed and Welded Eyelinks

Some applications require a stable belt and a small opening/discharge. The accuracy of our welding process enables us to produce very small spacing modules between eye chains. The modular structure makes it possible to assemble very wide belts.

5.Eyelinks with Springs

Springs help create more stable size bands in heating or freezing applications. These belts have a more stable size as the wires can move on the cross pole. The spring also exposes a large portion of the connecting rod to improve cleaning and disinfection. The position of the springs between the eye chains ensures that they are positioned at fixed intervals. The result is a relatively lightweight belt with specific qualities such as good seismic resistance and lateral force resistance.

6.Eyelinks with bushings or washers

This versatile variable eyelinks belt uses bushings or washers between the wires to increase the gap of the belt. By increasing the belt gap, more air will circulate at the bottom of the product. Increasing product exposure to this additional airflow can improve your process efficiency. When adding liners or washers, the belt becomes heavier and more rigid.

Available Edge

1.Eyelinks Belt with Welded edge

2.Eyelinks Belt with Reinforcing Plates

3.Eyelinks Belt with Chain Edge

4.Eyelinks Belt with side Guards

Available Material:304 & 316 stainless steel, Carbon steel, other materials available based on request


Eye Link Conveyor Belt

A: Gap Width (mm) B: Pitch (mm)

C: Cross Rod Dia (mm) D: Underside Welded Wire Dia (mm)

E: Wire Link Dia (mm) F: Reinforcing Plate (mm)G: Overall Belt Width (mm)

Specifications of Eyelink Conveyor Belts

A: Gap    Width




C:Cross Rod Dia


D:Underside Welded Wire


E:Wire Link Dia


F:Reinforcing Plate


G:Overall Belt Width


2 to 20

15.90 to 100

3 to 12

1 to 5

1.5 to 4

1.5 to 3

200 to 6000

NOTED: Custom specification is available if you can't find the suitable size.

Manufacturing Process:

The Eyelink Conveyor Belt for Freezing undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process to ensure its superior quality and performance. The key steps include:

1. Material Selection: High-quality stainless steel wire is chosen for durability and corrosion resistance.

2. Wire Forming: The wire is processed using state-of-the-art machinery to form individual eyelinks with precise dimensions.

3. Module Assembly: The eyelinks are then interlocked and assembled into a continuous belt using advanced manufacturing techniques.

4. Quality Control: Stringent quality checks are conducted at various stages to ensure consistent belt quality and adherence to specifications.

5. Surface Treatment: The belt may be subjected to surface treatments, such as polishing or coating, to enhance its performance and longevity.


In conclusion, Eyelink Conveyor Belt for Freezing, offered by the renowned wire mesh belt manufacturer, Eyelink, stands as a premier choice for freezing applications across various industries. With its superior strength, stability, corrosion resistance, and customization options, this high-quality mesh belt ensures efficient and reliable freezing processes for a range of products.

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